How Does A Diaper Sprayer Work?

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Let me say, I am a firm believer that the diaper sprayer is the best thing since sliced bread! Okay, well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. However, today as I was spraying a particularly dirty diaper, I was struck, luckily not literally, by how much I appreciate this small little invention called the diaper sprayer! It is quite a convenience to have a terribly soiled diaper which can be easily cleaned with a handful of squirts with my diaper sprayer.

Before the diaper sprayer was invented I am told that moms would swish their diapers in the toilet to remove soiling from the diapers. I do not know about you but that seems like an incredibly ineffective and messy method for removing soiling. Besides the fact that I am not sure how much soiling would actually come off the diaper with swishing, the idea of sticking my hand into the toilet with a soiled diaper just does not appeal to me…call me crazy.

How Does A Diaper Sprayer Work?

For those of you who have never used a diaper sprayer, or maybe never even seen one, I will give you a quick description. A diaper sprayer is very similar to the sprayer that is present in kitchen sinks. Like the kitchen sprayer, diaper sprayers hook into the house’s water line. In the case of the diaper sprayer, it is the line which goes to the toilet. The diaper sprayer draws water directly from the house’s water line, not from the toilet bowl. The diaper sprayer basically consists of a hose to carry the water and a hand-held sprayer. On my diaper sprayer, there is a small lever, where the diaper sprayer connects to the water line, which controls the amount of water that comes through the sprayer. There is also a small button on the hand-held sprayer which is held down to actually spray the water. In addition, there is a small hook that can be placed above the toilet to store the sprayer when it is not in use.


How To Clean A Poopy Diaper Without A Diaper Sprayer

To clean a poopy diaper without a diaper sprayer you would “Dunk & Swish.” Simply put, you would place the poopy diaper in the toilet, dunk it a few times, swish it around, flush and dunk again. You repeat this method until all fecal matter is washed from the diaper.

Where To Get A Diaper Sprayer

Put a diaper sprayer on your Baby Shower registry. If your not lucky enough to have one gifted to you, diapers sprayers can be purchased from a number of cloth diapering retailers for between 40 and 50 dollars. I can assure you that it is some of the best money you will ever spend on any cloth diaper accessory!


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