Fun And Excitement – Unpublished Cloth Diapering Experiences!

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Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love to share my cloth diapering experiences! I love to stretch, poke, investigate and thoroughly review cloth diapering items! I love to blog! Sometimes maybe too much. I have been trying to clean out some space in my files and realized I have tons of old post that never made it out of my “draft” folder!¬†As I’m re-reading some of these my first thought was “For the love of fluff! How did I end up with so many unpublished posts”? Some I didn’t have time to edit. Some I couldn’t find the pictures for. Some were just me rambling on and I never felt it was good enough to share so it just sat there in the draft folder! UNTIL NOW!

I’m going to go through each of these and edit, fix the pictures or whatever else they need and publish them! I love sharing my experiences with you, and these unpublished articles feel like a waste of cloth diaper knowledge and experience!

I’m also going to add some FUN and EXCITEMENT to the mix! Along with these reincarnated articles, I’m going to be giving away some cloth diapers and cloth diaper related items!!!!


So, Who’s ready to win some Fluff? Tell me your favorite Brands and I will try to resurrect those files first!


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