Best Hanging Wet Bag For Cloth Diapers

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Now that I’m a full fledge cloth diaper mama, I decided I need to get a wet bag. But which one is the best hanging wet bag for cloth diapers? I knew I needed to do some asking around and read some reviews before deciding for sure which one to get. (Here is the one I use)

Dealing With Dirty Diapers

One of the least fun parts of dealing with diapers, cloth or disposable, is taking care of dirty diapers. When I was using disposables, I used to hate dealing with dirty diapers. For some reason, the chemically smell of soiled diapers, even just wet ones, made me gag. To add insult to injury, after removing the soiled disposable diaper, I had to go to the often smelly trash can to throw away the diaper.

Less Stinky

Once I switched to cloth, believe it or not, the smell situation improved. While the smell is still not what I would consider pleasant, it does not turn my stomach the way soiled disposables do. As an added benefit, since the cloth diaper does not go into the trash, I can avoid that smelly situation as well. So, the big question is, if cloth diapers do not go into the trash, how then do you store dirty cloth diapers? This is where I began my search for the best hanging wet bag!

Best Hanging Wet Bag For Cloth Diapers

After my extensive research, weeks worth of reading and watching videos, I found it! I found what I was looking for! According to the majority of cloth diaper mamas, I questioned as well as all of the forums I read, I believe that the best way to store dirty diapers is to put them in a hanging washable diaper pail or bag.

I now store my soiled diapers in a hanging diaper bag. Several brands have diaper bag options but I use the Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag.  (See it here)  This bag was the most talked about in all of the posts I read. Many happy cloth diapers mamas said they would definitely buy another one should this ever need to be replaced!

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag

Each bag is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking plus an added zippered dry pocket on the front including awesome little handles so that it can be easily placed on a doorknob. Soiled diapers simply get tossed into the top opening. When I am ready to wash my diapers, I simply unzip the zipper on the bottom of the bag and all the diapers tumble into the washer without me having to ever touch them. If the bag gets dirty, then I can throw it too in the wash. This system is simple, mess-free, and in my opinion, preferable to the trash!

Not A Good Idea!

I have also heard that some people store their soiled diapers in a diaper pail filled with water. I personally would not want to use this method because I would worry about extra bacteria growing in the stagnant water or even spilling the water.




How do you store your dirty soiled cloth diapers?


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