February 10, 2012
cheap cloth diapers

Cheap Cloth Diapers For As Little As $101.28

Relax Finding cheap cloth diapers is at the top of every cloth diapering moms list! Getting started with cloth diapering is not as difficult as you might think. My first advice to all moms asking me about cloth diapering is “Relax!” Generally speaking, I think a lot of people get scared off in the beginning because they think there’s a lot to “learn.” Honestly, it’s not hard! If you can change a baby’s butt and do laundry, then you’ve already got the […]
February 10, 2012
Cloth Diaper Options

Getting Started with Cloth – Brands/Options

Part 2: Cloth Diaper Options (and Brands) (Part 1: Getting Started With Cloth – Basics can be found here) What Cloth Diaper Options Are Available? There are many different cloth diaper options available when choosing a cloth diaper namely: pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, diaper cover systems, fitteds, and hybrids.   The “Pocket” Cloth Diaper Option Pocket diapers generally have a waterproof layer which keeps the diaper from leaking, a stay-dry layer which creates a pocket, and inserts which are placed inside the pocket. […]
February 10, 2012
consider cloth diapers

Getting Started With Cloth – Basics

Part 1: The Basics Informed Decision Make an informed decision! This is extremely important in finding the system that works for you. Your initial investment for cloth diapers is going to be between $200 and $500, however, after that, you will have no monthly diaper expenses. When compared to disposables, you will cover the initial start-up cost of a quality cloth system in less that one year.   Cloth  Disposables  Diaper Service  First Year $500 $1000 $1000 Second Year $200 $1000 $500 Third […]
January 23, 2012
Defense Against Cloth Diaper Leaks

Do Cloth Diapers Leak? Yes! Here’s How To Stop The Leaks

Cloth Diaper Leaks An Introduction Do cloth Diapers Leak? Yes, in my experience, diaper leaks are part of parenthood, whether using disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Not a pleasant part of parenthood, but a real part nonetheless. Due to a variety of reasons, I have had to use both cloth and disposable diapers with Jocelyn. With both types of diapers, I have experienced some leaking. What I have observed is that disposable diapers and cloth diaper leaks in different ways. Disposable Diaper […]
January 1, 2012
Cloth Diaper FAQ

Cloth Diaper FAQ – Using Cloth Diapers

Do I need to “prep” my new cloth diapers? If so, how do you “prep” cloth diapers? Yes, you will want to “prep” your new cloth diapers. The purpose of prepping diapers is to maximize the absorbency of the inserts and to remove any chemicals or oils on the diapers. Without prepping you could be putting chemicals near your precious baby’s skin and you may be more likely to experience leaks because of the natural oils on some materials. Prepping new diapers […]