October 29, 2018

The 3 Best Baby Products I Didn’t Think We’d Need

Now that our daughter is firmly in the toddler stage and her baby days are behind her, I’ve had time to think about this past year and reflect on the things that made our lives easier amidst the sleepless nights and crying. These three things were hands-down the best purchases and made our lives easier almost instantly. The irony is that all three were things that I didn’t consider a “necessity” before Jocelyn was born. Sure, they’d be nice to have, but […]
June 12, 2018

Best Babywearing Wrap

I was sitting in our Pediatricians office when in walked a woman “wearing her baby.” We struck up a conversation and I ask her what kind of wrap she was wearing and what were her thoughts on it. She told me the best babywearing wrap is the Boba Baby Wrap.  She went on to say that even her husband uses it and enjoys it! I had been thinking about getting one to use after my delivery but I hadn’t made up my […]