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Over the past few days, I have been discussing the storage of my cloth diapers while they are dirty. You can read them here and here. Today, I thought I would cover storing cloth diapers when they are clean. I wish I could say that I had a perfect routine for storing my cloth diapers after they come out of the dryer. But honestly, my clean cloth diapers have two storage locations; one which is ideal and the other one is much less so. One makes changing Jocelyn’s diapers simple and the other complicated matters. You see if I were smart, there would really only be one storage location.

Ideal Storage Location

As you may have guessed, the less than ideal storage location is my dryer. When I have to change Jocelyn when her diapers are still sitting waiting in the dryer, it goes something like this. First, I place Jocelyn on the changing table. Next, I realized that there are no clean diapers in the drawer. Then I precariously carry a half-dressed baby across the house to the laundry room to retrieve the diapers. Finally, I stuff the diapers and am ready for the actual change.


Now, a wise person would quickly realize that this routine is too much work. A truly wise person would grab the diapers out of the dryer the minute that they are done and get them in the drawer. That wise person would understand that by taking a few minutes out of their schedule to take care of the diapers ahead of time, would result in less work later. On the days when I do have my act together, I choose to put my cloth diapers away in their proper place: the drawer of the changing table. This way, when Jocelyn needs a change all in need to do is place her on the table, grab a diaper and wipe, and change away. It is quite an improvement over the dryer routine.


I may not yet be the wise person I want to be. But I am trying hard to get my diapers out of the dryer and into the changing table drawer BEFORE they are needed. I will take it one day at a time and hopefully, one day I will be the truly wise person I want to be, on this and many other matters!

Where do you store your clean cloth diapers? Like me, has your dryer become a second storage location?

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