My Dirty Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

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When I first started with cloth diapers one big decision I had to make was where to store my dirty diapers. In a previous post, I discussed my decision to store my dirty cloth diapers in a dry hanging pail. After deciding how to store my dirty diapers, the next decision was where to store them.

Diaper Storage

I first thought that I should hang the diaper pail on the changing table itself so that I could drop the dirty diapers in pail after changing them. However, this ended up not working for me for two reasons. First, it was not ideal because once the bag had diapers in it, the bag brushed against the floor. I worried, maybe irrationally, that at some point the diapers would leak through the bag and get onto our carpet. Second, I realized that the diapers are not always ready to be dropped in the bag immediately after being removed because diapers which have any solid soiling on them need to be washed off with the diaper sprayer. Thus, it made much more sense to store the diapers closer to the bathroom with the diaper sprayer.

Diaper Storage

Ultimately, I decided to try storing the diapers in the laundry room. Our laundry room has a door which opens to the water heater, etc. This door knob was the perfect place to hang my dirty diaper bag. Since this knob was higher than the knob on the changing table, the bag did not brush against the floor. Even if it were to touch the floor and leak, we have tile in our laundry room so it would be much easier to clean. I will note that we have never actually had the bag leak on the floor; it is just an irrational fear. In addition, the laundry room is a good location for us because our laundry room is right across the hall from our bathroom so, it was better for bringing freshly sprayed diapers to the pail.


All in all, choosing the laundry room for storing our diapers has worked out well for us. Where do you store your dirty diapers?

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