Let’s Begin (Prepping Diapers)

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It is always very exciting when brand new cloth diapers arrive. I always want to put them on Jocelyn immediately. However, before using new cloth diapers for the first time they need to be prepped. Prepping is a very easy process that does not require any special know how or materials.

Basically, prepping new diapers simply requires running the washer and dryer a few times. My goal with prepping diapers is to wash my new diapers approximately 4 to 5 times to be sure that they are clean and ready for Jocelyn. I also want to be sure to use detergent and hot water in a couple of the washes. Each diaper manufacturer has its own instructions for prepping diapers so be sure to check what they suggest.

Prepping Diapers Routine

Since I just got a new stash of diapers, I thought I would share my current prepping routine. First, I ran a cold cycle and cold rinse cycle. Then, I ran a hot cycle with detergent and a cold rinse cycle. Next, I ran another cold cycle with cold rinse cycle. And then, I ran one final hot cycle with detergent and a cold rinse cycle. Finally, I ran one final rinse cycle to be sure that no detergent or other chemicals were still on my diapers.

After I was done washing my cloth diapers, I threw my inserts in the dryer on full heat for about an hour. I put the covers that are not supposed to be dried on the drying rack. Once the inserts were mostly dry, I added the covers that can be dried to the dryer to dry on low heat.

I have not yet tried prepping prefolds but my research says that these should be washed separately from other types of diapers for the first 5 or so times. My research also says that natural fibers (cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc.) should be washed separately the first few times because they have natural oils that could build-up on other materials.


Why prep diapers you ask? The purpose of prepping diapers is to maximize the absorbency of the inserts and to remove any chemicals or oils on the diapers. Without prepping you could be putting chemicals near your precious baby’s skin and you may be more likely to experience leaks because of the natural oils on some materials.

Have you prepped diapers before? What is your routine?

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