Best Cloth Diaper Essentials And Accessories

Hanging Wet/Dry Bag

I store my soiled diapers in a hanging diaper bag. Several brands have diaper bag options but I use Large Hanging Wet Dry Bag for Baby Cloth Diapers by Planet Wise. This bag has PUL waterproofing on the inside and has awesome little handles so that it can be easily placed on a doorknob. Soiled diapers simply get tossed into the top opening. When I am ready to wash my diapers, I simply unzip the zipper on the bottom of the bag and all the diapers tumble into the washer without me having to ever touch them. – (See it here)

Everyday Use Diaper Rash And Prevention

  • Powder. A baby powder with cornstarch and zinc oxide can be sprinkled in the cloth diaper to keep moisture off the baby’s skin. I use the Caldesene Baby brand – (See it here)
  • Cream. Thirsties Booty Love Diaper Ointment – (See It Here)

Severe Diaper Rash

When a rash hurts way too much to touch, I always use my Grandma Jo’s Witch Hazel Diaper Rash Spray. You can read my full post Witch Hazel Diaper Rash Spray ~ When It Hurts Too Much To Touch. Here is the recipe

Witch Hazel Diaper Rash Spray Recipe

Mix all of the ingredients in a large glass bottle. The Large bottle can be stored in the frig and used later. [You can get one here ]

Pour some of it into a smaller glass spray bottle. You can get one here ]

The spray bottle does not need to go in the frig. It will remain good for a very long time. I only put my big bottle in the frig, as it’s a habit I picked up from my grandma. (NEVER PLASTIC!)

Inserts And Doublers

FuzziBunz Organic Cotton/Hemp Inserts (See them here)
Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doublers (See them here)


Snappi (see them here)
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