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My Favorite Car Seats:

  • Britax car seat –

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Why The Britax Car Seat is my number one choice!

The most important piece of baby gear you will purchase for your child is their car seat. In today’s world travel by automobile is a given, almost everywhere. And accidents happen every single day.

Even if you are the safest driver on the road, you have no control over the other drivers and what they do. What’s the best way to protect your baby and your young child? Get a Britax car seat.

Why do I feel so passionately about Britax? A Britax car seat is manufactured to optimum safety requirements. It is made to be easy to install. And it is made to be easy for you to fasten your baby into the seat.

Latch System

These features are vitally important. Your car seat must be correctly installed or else it will not protect your baby in an accident. Each Britax car seat comes with the LATCH system for cars equipped with LATCH connectors. Britax car seat LATCH straps are super easy to use – easy both to tighten down and to loosen. Each seat also has a top tether which uses the same strong webbing and the same easy-to-tighten strap.


If you’re installing your Britax car seat with normal seatbelts you’re also in luck – Britax has built-in locking clips, and they are simple to use. The rear-facing locking clips are still a little tough, but the forward facing is so easy you’ll cry with joy. Even though rear-facing is still not completely effortless, it’s ten times easier than trying to put a locking clip onto the belt and then getting the seat in. Even Britax’s infant car seat has built-in locking clips. There is very little room for parent error – which means your baby is safer.

5 Point Harness

What about putting your baby in? What makes a Britax car seat superior? First, your Britax car seat has a 5-point harness. Your infant seat and your convertible seat have 5-point harnesses. 5-point harnesses are what keep race car drivers safest, and it’s been proven that they keep your baby and your young child the safest too.

The webbing that Britax car seat 5-point harnesses are made out of is a smooth non-twist webbing. Twisted straps can compromise your child’s safety. The straps even Velcro to the side of your seat to make it easy to get your baby in and out. A strong chest clip and sturdy buckle ensure your child is locked in securely.

Easy Adjust Straps

Britax seats have easy-to-adjust straps. They adjust right at the front of the seat – you never have to fiddle with complex adjustments at the back of the seat. It’s an easy process to pull the strap to just the right tightness on your child (you should be able to fit only a finger or two between the strap and your baby).

The Britax infant seat and several of the Britax convertible seats have side-impact protection. The infant seat has an anti-rebound bar, which will prevent the seat from rebounding harshly in an impact. Clearly, a Britax car seat offers your child the maximum protection possible.

Passionate Momma!

Do I sound like a Britax salesperson to you? Lol! I probably should – I feel pretty passionately that they are the best car seats on the market. Cars are a way of life for most people nowadays, and they are also a leading cause of children’s’ deaths. I want to let every parent know just how important car seat safety is, and just how important it is to have the very best seat you can get for your child.

I believe that all new car seats that have never been in accidents can save your baby’s life if they are installed correctly – and your baby is strapped in correctly. But I strongly believe that a Britax car seat offers your baby superior protection. I know a Britax seat saved my baby’s life. I am thankful I chose to purchase a Britax car seat every single day I see my sweet childs’ smile.

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