Best Baby Bath Products

Baby bath time for new parents can often be intimidating. Here are some tried and true products for making bath time less stressful for both of you.


These are the Top 3 Best Baby Lotions:

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  1. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture
    • Thicker texture, but not too creamy
    • Scent free, but available in lavender scent
    • Affordable, but be careful where you buy it from
  2. Johnson’s Baby Lotion
    • Thinner texture
    • Smells like baby powder
    • Affordable, but some complain the new formula is too thin
  3. The Bambo Nature Snuggle Time Body Lotion
    • Thick, but a little goes a long way
    • Scent free
    • Pricey, especially when compared to others. But the product has a loyal following.


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