Baby Bath Time Tips for New Parents

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Baby bath time for new parents can often be intimidating. Here are some tried and true strategies for making bath time less stressful for both of you.

Giving a newborn baby a bath is a lesson in itself. You must be careful with the cord, his skin, eyes and so on. Fortunately, very young babies do not get dirty so you will not need to schedule baby bath time very frequently.

While The Cord Is Still Attached

Here are some practical tips to use to wash your newborn baby.

Give your newborn baby a sponge bath until the cord dries and falls off.

    • Choose a room that is warm and free from drafts to wash your baby in.
    • Set out 2 towels, washcloth, cotton balls, diaper, and clean clothes.
    • Use a clean sterile container for holding your baby’s bath water.
    • You don’t need to use soap on very young babies.
    • Water should be warm to the touch.
    • Use one towel as a mat to lie your baby on while you wash him.
    • Follow the head to bottom rule. Start at your baby’s head and work your way down leaving the bottom area to be washed last.
    • Take two cotton balls and wipe out your baby’s eyes starting from the corners working out.
    • Use two more cotton balls to clean your baby’s ears. Avoid using cotton swabs to clean the inside of the ears. Pointed objects even cotton swabs can damage eardrums.
    • Ring out a soft washcloth and wipe your baby off starting at his head working down. Make sure you clean the folds of his neck, arms, and legs.
    • As you wash each part of your baby try to cover him up with the extra towel to avoid him getting chilled.
    • Wash his bottom last, gently cleaning all the folds.
    • Use simple rubbing alcohol to clean his cord. Take an alcohol soaked cotton ball and gently wipe around the cord. Then squeeze excess alcohol onto the cord to assist in drying and hygiene.
    • Now dry your baby and diaper and dress him.
    • NOTE┬áthat most very young babies do not enjoy their first few experiences with the baby bath. So your little one may fuss the first few times.

After The Cord Falls Off

When your baby’s cord falls off you can place him in a baby bathtub with a small amount of water to wash him. Make sure you choose a baby bath time that fits well into both of your schedules.

  • You need to lay out one towel, two washcloths cotton balls, a diaper and clean clothes next to the baby bath.
  • You can also begin to use a baby washing product. There are many brands on the market to chose from. Make sure the one you chose is hypoallergenic and tear free.
  • Fill the baby bath with about 3 inches of warm water. Test the water temperature every time you place your baby into the water.
  • Gently place your baby into the bathtub keeping contact with his head to give him support.
  • Wring out one of the wash clothes and place a small amount of baby wash on it. Gently wash your baby’s hair and scalp. With a clean damp wash cloth gently wipe off soap rising cloth as necessary.
  • Next wash from top to bottom again making sure to wash the creases of his neck, arms, legs and bottom.
  • While washing your baby talk and sing to him.
  • Support your baby’s head, neck and bottom and gently remove him from the tub being extra careful. He’ll be slippery.
  • Completely dry your baby off working from head to bottom. Keep your baby covered drying and recovering him as you go.
  • You might want to start using baby lotion when you start washing with baby wash. Bathing can remove moisture from baby’s skin.
  • Diaper your baby and dress him.
  • When your baby can sit with support and has head control you can start to use a baby bath chair.( These are not safety devices.)
  • Remember a child can drown in a few minutes and in as little as two inches of water so never leave your baby unsupervised or improperly supervised(young siblings)during baby bath time

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