Robeez Shoes For Your Growing Baby

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Robeez Shoes

For Your Growing Baby

Robeez baby shoes feature a soft sole that cushions, allowing her toes a good grip, to aid her in balance and muscle development.

robeez infant shoes       Robeez infant shoes

In the first four years of life, your baby does a great deal growing, especially in her feet and legs. Robeez has the very best in soft-soled baby shoes, which mimic bare feet, supporting her every step of the way. Growing up Robeez helps your baby achieve healthy foot development, as Robeez footwear bends and flexes with every step, promoting unrestricted growth and excellent balance. They stay on, protecting her precious little feet, with elasticized ankles and delightful styles.Buy them here

Robeez Infant Shoes: 0–12 months


In the first 3 to 6 months, your baby will most likely learn to sit and stand. She will also begin to support her weight when she is pulled to a standing position. She will still need to be supported, but she will enjoy the opportunity to be able to test her legs, which is great preparation for walking. Robeez infant shoes are designed to aid with her foot muscle development as she stands while protecting her little feet.

At around 6 months, she will begin to sit and stand, and sometimes crawl. She will most likely be able to pull herself along with her arms, but it is not unusual for an infant to never learn to crawl. During this time, she will likely learn to stand while holding onto furniture, supporting her weight on her feet and legs. The elasticized ankles on her Robeez baby shoes will make sure they stay put as she moves through this crucial stage of development.

She may also master the skill of cruising, which is that she will move around, walking by holding onto furniture, and may even master the skill of walking unassisted before her first birthday. Make sure her little feet are protected as she cruises along, with the unrestricted movement Robeez shoes offer.

Robeez Baby Shoes: 12–24 months

By the time she has her first birthday, she may already be walking, or she may take her time and wait several months to do so. (Nearly all healthy toddlers are able to easily walk by themselves by 18 months.) She may even start to run and learn how to walk backwards. She may be able to walk up stairs while holding onto an adult’s hand, but she will be unable to do it alone safely. Robeez baby shoes feature a soft sole that cushions, allowing her toes a good grip, to aid her in balance and muscle development.


Robeez Toddler Shoes: 2 – 4 years

By the time she is two, she will be able to jump, run, and climb, with good strength and coordination. As she turns 3, she will be able to jump off the ground with both feet, and balance for several seconds while standing on one foot. When she is four, she will start walking up stairs like an adult. Robeez toddler shoes are light, with no padding or heavy soles, which will help her move through the toddler phase with ease.

Help your baby achieve healthy foot development and move from infancy through the toddler stage by Growing Up Robeez!

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