DIY Baby Turban

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Maybe it’s because I grew up in North Dakota where the wind is always howling… more likely it is because my mom was constantly yelling at us to “go put a hat on” when we were kids and it became a habit. Either way, my baby doesn’t leave the house without something on her head. She has yet to have an ear infection in the first five months of life regardless of the fact that she was born into an arctic blast record of winter and has cringed the three times she has seen the sun. She will forever be my polar bear child. As much as I love her polar bear look…


it is spring for pete’s sake even if it doesn’t feel like it. So out with the winter hats and enter stylin’ baby headbands. I loooooove these! They are made out of those perfectly soft baby onesies that your little one has outgrown and you’re to attached to throw out. Well, what better way to get another season of life out of them? My lil’ adventuress (as she will now be called henceforth on this blog) loves rockin’ the turban knot look. Bonus: I have noticed her little hair rub on the back of her head getting better since wearing these.

To make one of these super soft everyday headbands all you need is an old onesie, some needle and thread.

First, cut the tummy section out of your onesie. The one pictured is a 3month size.


Then cut one side of the tummy part open along the old seam.



Open the tummy part and fold with right sides together as the pink piece in the pic demonstrates


Sew along the edge with your needle and thread or with a machine. Turn right side out so you have a long tube.


Wrap the band around your baby’s head and knot. Remove and put another simple knot in it. My tummy pieces were just the right length for this part but if you need to, trim them to about an inch. Tuck the raw edges under and into your knot and put a few simple stitches in there to secure it. I didn’t want my lil’ adventuress getting any ideas and undoing the knot.


If knots are not your thing… use the leftover parts of your onesie to make one of these easy peasy jersey flowers to attach instead. HERE is a tutorial I used for this little cutie.


A little camo never hurt a girl, keeps the boys on their toes.



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