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Alienated First Time Moms?

I think it’s pretty well known that I’m a cloth diapering mom. You just need to look anywhere on my website. So I don’t pay much attention to commercials and ...

Marny Tells us Why Fitted Cloth Diapers and Covers are Easy to Use

  Marny's love of cloth diapers  Marny's love of cloth diapers starts with fitted cloth diapers and covers, but really, she loves them all! ...

Is Cloth a Hygienic Option Within a Day Care Setting?

At some point or another, a good portion of parents are faced with the issue of finding and placing their infant or toddler in a daycare setting. According to ...

Hemp Diapers – What exactly is Hemp?

Most people think of hippies, drugs, or an old Cheech and Chong movie when they hear the word 'hemp.' Although these references may be somewhat correct, they ...

Wool Diaper Inserts and Covers

My first reaction to wool as a choice fabric for diaper covers was less than informed.I was considering an old scratchy sweater my grandfather had graciously ...

Rebecca Talks About How Used Cloth Diapers Are The Way to Go!

Rebecca says that used diapers are just as good as the expensive new ones. And, keeping it simple and easy is what this mama is all about. Her little guy, ...

AIO Cloth Diaper

The AIO cloth diaper is probably the easiest cloth diaper to use. AIOs (All-in-Ones) are all one piece, no need to stuff or put a cover over, they are ...

[OVER ] NO BRIGHTENERS GIVEAWAY ~  Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent Without Optical Brighteners Giveaway!

  “NO BRIGHTENERS GIVEAWAY Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent Without Optical Brighteners Giveaway!” Sweepstakes Official Rules   THIS SWEEPSTAKES ...

Cloth Diapering Twins Made Easy!

Cloth diapering twins is not as hard or as scary as you might think. Cindi has been using cloth diapers for the past 4 1/2 years, first with her daughter and ...

Best Sippy Straw Cup 2019 ~ Straw Cups For The Cool Cats

Cool Cat™ Stainless Steel Straw Cup Sip in style with this purrr-fect new straw cup Why Cool Cat™? Double walled, insulated stainless steel ...

Robeez Shoes For Your Growing Baby

Robeez Shoes For Your Growing Baby Robeez baby shoes feature a soft sole that cushions, allowing her toes a good grip, to aid her in balance and muscle ...

Homemade Baby Wipes With Coconut Oil Recipe And Instructions

Interested in making your own baby wipes? This recipe is simple and frugal. It doesn't take long and making them this way costs you a fraction of the cost of ...

Homemade Baby Wipes With Coconut Oil How-To-Video

Homemade Baby Wipes With Coconut Oil These homemade baby wipes are easy, economical and work better than commercial ones! Continue To Ingredients And ...

Do Pediatricians Pierce Ears? Yes, But Read This First!! (Our Experience)

I was looking through some photographs of when my daughter was little and realized I had forgotten to write a post about her getting her ears pierced. It's a ...

TODDLER VS BABY: What is the difference between a toddler and a baby?

Having successfully navigated through several children (and still going),  I realized that there were many changes. The differences are fairly subtle in some ...

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Are Easy to Use

This Cloth Mama recommends Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers for their ease of use, but she also uses wool covers whenever she can (and secretly wishes she could outfit ...

Baby Wearing Wrap – Moby Wrap Review

Baby wearing is a wonderful way for parents and babies to bond. The Moby Wrap is a versatile baby carrier which offers comfort for the wearer and the baby. ...

bINK’d Temporary Tattoo Earrings Review

bINK’d (see full line here), a “Mom” created company/product and truly the first of its kind offer temporary earrings that do not require magnets, stickers or ...

VTech Mobigo Touch Learning System Review

My Thoughts The VTech’s MobiGo (see it here) comes installed with the Touch & Learn Game pack which includes four games: Fantastic Forest, Shooting ...

I Blame It On The Sweet Tarts!

After my recent car accident, I have some little nuggets of wisdom I would like to impart to you, my dear friends along with some general musings and probably ...

20 Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergents That Got Bad Reviews!

Here is a chart of my top 20 cloth diaper laundry detergents that got bad reviews! If you find it useful, please use the share buttons below so my many ...

11 Somewhat Surprising Items Toddlers Break, Destroy, and Misplace

While my children have certainly slowed down their path of destruction as they have gotten older, there is still no shortage of things they have managed to ...

Helping My Toddler Adjust To Older Sibling Starting School!

School: for some, a nightmare to even think about. For others, like yours truly, a prime opportunity to shove my extroversion down the throats of anyone within ...

Marley’s Ghost and the Case of Mistaken Identity

I had the weirdest dream - EVER! So I’m sitting at home one night last week flipping through the channels, hoping against hope that I could find some program ...

Losing my Dignity

Motherhood, what have you done to me?  I wrote this post a little while ago about the things I just never thought I would do as a parent.  There is one more ...

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  1. Have you tried Facebook? I’m sure there are several “groups” – which are like forums. I would start there. Hope this helps

  2. Thank you, Lindsay, your too kind. Hope to see more of you around here.

  3. Your welcome

  4. You are very welcome! I received your facebook message this morning and will have the “Bambo Nature USA Snuggle Time Both Lotion” sent to you. I have my sister in law take care of shipping the prizes. She is pretty quick at getting them out, so you should have it within a week. If it has not arrived within 10 days, please let me know so I can track it down.

    Just as a reminder, you are still eligible to win future prizes, so please feel free to enter our upcoming promotion.


    PS. We don’t actually have sponsors. I decided when I started this blog that in order for readers to connect with me and feel like they were getting an unbiased view of a product, it would be best if that product was actually something I use and love! I don’t know, I just feel like when I read a blog that has a “sponsored” prize/review, how honest can the reviewer really be.. I mean the blogger needs to stay in good standing with the sponsor/company right? It all feels a little too one-sided to me, so I only promote products I use myself, have tested myself and pay for myself. I think the readers like it that way. 😉

  5. Aww poor little guy. I hope you find something that helps.

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