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This itti bitti cloth diaper (see it here) is from an Australian based company. The day this diaper arrived, I didn’t check the mail.  It was the weekend and I don’t remember what had been going on, but I was very tired and busy.  My husband realized my package had arrived very late at night and brought it to me while I was in bed winding down for the night.

Oh. mmmm. geeeeee.

You haven’t felt soft until you have snuggled an itti bitti. I am not kidding you! This diaper won my heart immediately and hasn’t let me down.

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







This diaper is an all in one that can’t be matched. At first, I was a little concerned because the diaper has a lot of “stash” to go in between.

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







My initial inspection was a tad overwhelmed. There is a lot of snaps and I thought for sure I would forget how it all went together.

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







I can assure you that it only took a moment before the reality sank in that each snap is matched by color to easily click in to the other and know where to match it up.

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







This diaper is extremely trim and “low rise”. I was a bit nervous being so that it may not hold up to wear of my other diapers, but I can assure you we have no had one single leak in this beauty. Nada. I would give this a diaper ten stars! As a matter of fact, I am just dying to add the “Beechworth” print to our collection. Their limited edition prints are so adorable!

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







One of the things I love most about this diaper; the gussets. Or, what they call the “poo fence”. ”Poo fences” are extremely important for “blowouts”. I am certain even if you don’t have a wee one you can imagine what I am talking about. Mucho. importante.

Itti Bitti Cloth Diaper Review







Another fantastic bonus to this incredible diaper is the lack of stains. I was this diaper with and just like I do all of my other diapers. For some reason, this one comes out whiter than most. Even after the five or more weeks I’ve had this baby, it’s still looking like brand spanking new. AND, think about it! Those inserts aren’t enclosed in a pocket. To resist stain direct on seems crazy to me! But, so far, so good.

…and remember, they are an ALL IN ONE! Which means, one diaper will last you for several sizes with the snap options.


My photos don’t begin to do this diaper justice. I wish I could share a sample of this fabric on my web page. Like, a “real and feel” via the computer screen. Oh, fantasies… I guess since I can’t, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Also, check this out.

Yup, this company knows what they’re doing. Not all babies fit the same, so while there is a great guide, it’s good to take into consideration that we are all built differently.

**Like I have said previously, I have forgone cloth at night for the time being. Therefore, I am not including this in my reviews at this time.

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Itti Bitti has three different cloth diaper options, plus they carry luxury wet bags, soaked and booster sets and cloth wipes!

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