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Blissful Booty was born in 2006. Cathy, the owner, is one of the sweetest women I have worked with yet today!

I got to know Cathy on a more personal level when I sent her an email that was intended for someone else. I felt like such a goof. I couldn’t believe the mistake I made and I thought for sure that she’d be done wanting to do business with me as I couldn’t keep better track of things (don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad).

To my surprise, she emailed me back sweeter than ever laughing at the mishap herself. I have emailed back and forth with her several times and I can assure you that Cathy, and her company, are something that I pride myself in being involved with.

Cathy’s youngest daughter was born with a congenital heart defect, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and very sensitive skin.  Cathy didn’t want to go back to use older style cloth diapers, so she studied disposables and began to make her own.  Shortly after, she was making diapers for friends, and then, Blissful Booty was born.

When my Blissful Booty package first arrived my way, I inspected the cloth diaper several times.  I could not believe the detail.  It is by far the most detailed diaper I have ever received. It is soft, plush, snuggly, and a well fit for Rayanna.

Most impressive though, this diaper has a lot of thought behind it.  Along with the diaper came several other items.  I was thrilled at the package!  Cathy also carries cloth wipes (best in my stash!!), wet bags, wipe water concentrate (complete with a squirt bottle), booster pads, pail liner bags, and very soon they will offer flushable liners!

Everything about Blissful Booty has been well put together, organized, and stamped with the brand label

Let me tell you about Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers.  They are soft.  They are fabulous materials.  Really.  I would love them on my bum.  You know, if I, wore diapers.  The combination of the hook and loop fastener along with snaps is brilliant.  The leg gussets are like upscale snuggly comfort and protection.   Up until 2008, Cathy handmade each diaper on her own.  Then, she got quite a big response and has gone national!  Now that she has to have them manufactured to keep up, each diaper is personally inspected by Cathy personally before it is gifted your way.

One downfall to this is that Cathy has to pay out of pocket to have them made in bulk.  Currently, she only carries two colors because of it.  But, I have an idea! If all of my cloth diapering friends support her by buying one diaper this month and telling their friends to do the same pay it forward act, maybe she can get us some more colors?  Just a thought.  ; )  At $19.99 each, her diapers are a comparable price.  Or, you can buy them in bulk four for $64.  $16 each!

I was a bit leery when I realized that this diaper had most of it’s “inserts” sewn in.  I thought to myself “this is going to take all day to dry!”  Surprisingly, it doesn’t.  I would say it takes a tad longer than my other pocket diapers, but in all reality, not more than one maybe two other diaper uses.

The one thing I have had trouble with of this diaper is that it leaks every time I try it at night.  I have tried the extra booster pads. I have tried wrapping it differently. I have tried different hemp inserts.  I tried no inserts.  If I thought of it, I attempted it.  Nothing was successful.  Fortunately for Cathy, I honestly can’t say that it is just her diaper now.  Rayanna has been leaking through most of our options.  I even got tired of changing sheets so much this past week that I put him in a disposable and he leaked that.  What’s the deal, dude?

At any rate, I can assure you with confidence that I would invest in these cloth diapers.  Hands down.  Most of the diapers we use are during the day.  I love everything about this diaper physically.  I also know that diapers fit differently on different children and at different ages.  Which means I may have the most success with this beauty the next go round!  I love it, I honestly love this diaper.  The nights are a pitfall for me, for sure.  But, we have options and we just don’t use this one at night.

Rayanna gives this diaper is an easy 5 stars!  See for yourself.  Yup


I could really go on and on about Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers.  I am very thrilled to have had the opportunity to share Blissful Booty with you, and to work with Cathy.

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Visit Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers and get your own detailed plush piece for $19.99 each or four for $64!  While you’re there, check out their other fabulous items I mentioned above!
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Blissful Booty has offered one of my lucky readers a Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper and a box of her fabulous cloth wipes of your very own!  Thank you so much Cathy! I am thrilled to share your product, and I am sure my readers are thankful for this opportunity also!

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